The Restitution of African Cultural Heritage: repairing a historical debt

| Beitrag von Matheus de Souza Depieri

When Emmanuel Macron announced his will to restitute part of the African artistic and cultural heritage in November 2017, a heated public debate emerged in France. Even with some people arguing that some national collections might be destroyed, it seems that the French government is making progress in its initiative to restitute artistic and cultural artefacts, considering the recently delivered report on the topic. However, unfortunately, France is an exception in the post-colonial context in Europe, since most states seem to suffer from “colonial amnesia”, denying – at least partially – their violent past. In that context, this article aims to briefly analyze (i) the constant extractions of African cultural heritage; (ii) the damages of this violent past for the African youth; and (iii) some difficulties of the restitution process. Weiterlesen