The UN terrorist blacklisting regime persists, despite ongoing criticism of its opaque procedure

| Beitrag von Sophia Schroeder

The UN terrorist blacklisting regime is one of the counter-terrorism measures that most clearly violates fundamental rights. The regime targets individuals, entities and the supporting networks of those who are suspected to be contributing to terrorism. Once on the list, they face asset freezing and the imposition of a travel ban for an indefinite period without being able to appeal the decision in an independent court.

To defuse growing criticism regarding the blacklisting regime’s lack of basic due process rights, a number of reforms have been introduced, the most important of these being the introduction of an Ombudsperson. However, the Security Council seems unwilling to take the necessary steps to make the system compatible with basic human rights. This would include extending the powers of the Ombudsperson and making it an independent and impartial reviewing body at UN level. Weiterlesen