Implicit Bias and the Negative Implications it has on the Legal System

| Beitrag von Catherine Carbajal

In the United States there are numerous protests and movements, such as the Black Lives Matter movement, that seeks to address and combat systematic racism. However, some social psychologists believe that there may be a more inherent reason for these inexcusable actions by police officers and state actors. These psychologists dive into the idea that maybe these actions are not always the result of an individual’s explicit racial beliefs but instead actions stemmed from unidentified implicit biases. Weiterlesen

Pervasive Racial Profiling and Police Brutality

| Beitrag von Raven Villegas

When I was first asked to write about racial profiling and police brutality in America, the scope of the topic seemed overwhelming. Where would one start? The fact that here in Germany, there is such interest in this topic is some what distressing. Is this what America is known for now? Has this issue become so prolific as to overshadow other elements of American current events? Well, I can understand why there is such an interest in this topic to a certain extent. The alternative would be perhaps a blog entry on mass shootings, or the sad state of our upcoming presidential elections. Yet, racial profiling and police brutality is an issue which is pervasive in the American culture. It is a portal back to our past, stains our current culture, and risks being continued in the future. Weiterlesen